Vendor ticket Holiday Barter party

Vendor ticket Holiday Barter party

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This ticket is for vendors only (Shoppers attend for free!)

Vendor space Includes 5’ table space and chairs for our barter Party at the boys and girls club. 12/9 4-7pm This is A great way to have a fun time while bartering those extra Gifts or Services! 


Vendors, Here is how it works: 

- Cost is $30 per person for a 5’ table space. 

1/2 of that fee will cover the event costs and the other 1/2 will be put into the pot for a drawing at the end of the party. Only paid spots will receive a table. No paying at the event. Payment link is at the bottom of this post. Message me before paying, I do not want duplicate vendors if we can help it. 

- You do not need a table or chairs. 

Just bring a box of goods enough to fill a 5 foot table. We’re not getting fancy here. 

- Goods must be in gift giving condition and priced. Gift certificates for services must be in printed format. 

- Each vendor will be given $100 in

 “barter bucks” equivalent to cash dollars. 

- Setup starts at 4:00, bartering starts at 4:30

- bartering will proceed for two hours only. A bell will ring at 6:30 and all earned barter bucks will be traded in for for raffle tickets. 

There will be three prizes and a grand prize. The grand prize will be  $15 multiplied by the number of vendors. A full house will mean a $225 Grand prize. Raffle is for Vendors only and vendors must be present to win. 

Important: The most popular items or services will earn the most barter bucks. You have the choice to barter with those earned bucks or save them up for more raffle tickets at the end of the party. I don’t want to hear any whining at the end of the night about how you didn’t win the raffle and lost all your goods lol! Either barter or hoard your bucks for the raffle... it’s up to you.


-yes, you can purchase items with cash, yes you can invite people to the event and they can bring cash. No you cannot buy raffle tickets with barter bucks, they must be earned through bartering. 

- Gifts do not have to be handmade but must be gift worthy. 


Looking forward to a wonderful event! 


XO Monica.